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A111 Survey of Advertising
A115 Illustration and Rapid Visualization
A121 Creative and Strategic Planning
A131 Sales
A132 Consumer Behavior
A210 Writing Advertising Copy
A211 Fundamentals of Business
A212 Persuasive Techniques
A215 Online Marketing Fundamentals
A216 Internet Marketing Strategy
A221 Brand Marketing
A222 Principles of Marketing Research
A231 Online Marketing Research
A232 Business Communications I
A234 Production Planning for Electronic Media
A311 Media Planning and Buying
A311_P Media Planning and Buying
A312 Web Marketing
A313 Writing for the Spoken Word
A314 Online Communication
A315 Marketing for AdverGames
A317 Social & Interactive Marketing
A318 Email & Mobile Marketing
A319 Web Analytics & Conversion Optimization
A320 Advanced Internet Strategy
A321 Financial Management
A322 Organizational Behavior
A325 Interactive Advertising
A330 Advertising Campaigns
A331 Account Planning
A332 Strategic Management
A340 Portfolio Presentation
A411 Advertising Case Studies
A412 Public Relations and Promotion
A421 Brand Strategy
A425 Advertising Media Production
A430 Advanced Advertising Campaigns
A431 Senior Project A431
A433 Global Business Perspectives
A435 Concepts of Multimedia Production
A440 Portfolio
ACAD_SC_AI AutoCAD Short Course
ADVA101 Fundamentals of Advertising
ADVA201 Fundamentals of Marketing
ADVA204 Consumer Behavior and Persuasive Sales Techniques
ADVA205 History of Advertising
ADVA207 Creative and Strategic Planning
ADVA208 Principles of Marketing Research
ADVA209 Portfolio I
ADVA214 Advertising Copywriting
ADVA215 Advertising Storyboarding & Scriptwriting
ADVA302 Introduction to Ad Campaigns
ADVA303 Interactive Advertising
ADVA304 Writing for Interactive Media
ADVA307 Brand Strategy
ADVA308 Account Planning
ADVA312 Emerging Media in Advertising
ADVA318 Budgeting & Financial Management
ADVA322 Digital Media Campaigns
ADVA328 Public Relations
ADVA332 Intermediate Advertising Campaigns
ADVA338 Media Planning and Buying
ADVA338_P Media Planning
ADVA348 Leadership & Organizational Behavior
ADVA402 Online Community Management
ADVA406 Internship
ADVA407 E-Commerce Strategies & Analytics
ADVA408 Advanced Account Planning
ADVA409 Portfolio Presentation
ADVA412 Advanced Advertising Campaigns
ADVA419 Portfolio II
AIO_ART1000_FC Introduction to the Visual Arts: Faculty Certification
AIO_ENG095_1010_FC Composition and Language: Faculty Certification
AIO_EXP Ai Online Student Experience
AIO_FND_FC Art Foundations: Faculty Certification
AIO_GenProj_ADATraining AIO_GenProj_ADATraining
AIO_GenProject AIO_GenProject
AIO_MTH1010_FC College Math I: Faculty Certification
AIO_ORNT AIPOD Orientation
AIO100 The Online Experience
AIOCTO Computer Skills Assessment
AIOEOR AiO Enrollment Orientation
AIONS AiO New Student Orientation
AIONSO_AM New Student Orientation: Advertising
AIONSO_CM New Student Orientation: Culinary
AIONSO_GADM New Student Orientation: Game Art & Design
AIONSO_GDM New Student Orientation: Graphic Design/Digital Design
AIONSO_IDM New Student Orientation: Interior Design
AIONSO_IMDM New Student Orientation: Interactive Media Design
AIONSO_RPM New Student Orientation: Residential Planning
AIONSO_WDM New Student Orientation: Web Design Diploma
ART1000 Introduction to the Visual Arts
ART1000_PIN Introduction to the Visual Arts
ART101 Art Appreciation
ART1010 Art Appreciation
ART102 History of Art In Early Civilization
ART1020 Art History: Prehistory to the Early Modern Era
ART103 Survey of Modern and Contemporary Art
ART1030 Art History: From the Early Modern to the Contemporary
ART104 Survey of Architecture
ART105 History of Popular Culture
ART2010 American Popular Culture
ART2020 Real & Imagined Creatures in the History of Art
ART210 American Art History
ART2100 The Afterlife in the History of Art
ART3010 American Art History
ART3020 American Architecture
ART3030 Theories of Modernism and Postmodernism
ART4010 African American Art
ART4020 Latin American Art History
AUDA101 Fundamentals of Audio
AutoCADLCT AutoCAD Learning/Tutor Center
BIO101 Biology
BIO1010 Introduction to Biology
BIO110 Nutrition
BIO2010 Nutrition
BIO3010 Human Anatomy
BUS101 Advertising/Marketing
BUS102 Professional Development
BUS103 Principles of Marketing
BUS104 Principles of Accounting
BUS105 Human Resource Management
BUS106 Business Communications
BW100 Brand Training
C121 Character and Object Animation
C122 Life Drawing and Gesture
C123 Life Drawing for Animation
C124 Character and Object Design for Animation
C125 Cinematic Storytelling
C130 History of Animation
C131 Drawing and Anatomies
C131_11W Drawing and Anatomies
C132 Survey of Animation
C210 2D Animation
C211 Storyboard Rendering for Animation
C212 Computer 3D Modeling and Animation I
C212_11W Computer 3D Modeling and Animation I – 11W
C213 Advanced Life Drawing for Animation
C220 Intermediate 2D Animation
C221 Digital Editing - Video, Audio
C222 Computer 3D Modeling and Animation II
C223 Camera and Lighting Techniques
C230 Advanced 2D Animation
C231 Introduction to Digital Compositing
C232 Computer 3D Modeling and Animation III
C234 Principles of Animation
C240 Creative and Collaborative Production Management
C310 Digital Ink & Paint
C312 Computer 3D Workshop
C313 Digital Compositing
C314 2D Digital Animation
C320 Advanced Digital Ink and Paint
C321 Acting/Movement
C322 3D Character Animation
C325 Advanced 3D Modeling
C330 Pre-Production Team
C332 Advanced Software
C333 Advanced 3D Textures
C334 Web Animation
C410 Production Team
C411 Introduction to Games
C412 Advanced Software II
C421 Games
C422 Advanced Software III
C424 Pre-Portfolio Presentation for Animation
C430 Portfolio Presentation for Animation
C433 Advanced Modeling/Animation Topics
C440 Portfolio for 2D Animation
C444 Advanced Software IV
C445 Digital Sculpting and Texturing
C450 Portfolio for Animation Production
C460 Portfolio for 3D Animation
CAT405 Production Techniques
CAT406 Filmmaking for Animation
CAT415 Advanced Animation Principles
CAT416 Advanced Digital Compositing
CBART1000 Introduction to Visual Arts (Collegebound)
CBFND105 Design Fundamentals - College Bound
CBFND135 Introduction to Web Design - College Bound
CBFND150 Digital Color Theory - College Bound
CBFNDA135 Image Manipulation (College Bound)
CBGEN101 College English (College Bound)
CBGWD101 Applications & Industry - College Bound
CC_IH_ENG1010 Composition and Language
CC_SS100 Strategies for Online Learning
CC110 Drawing
CC110_IDRP_LTC Drawing Learning / Tutor Center
CC110_RP_ID Drawing
CC111 Color Theory
CC111RP Color Theory RP
CC112 Fundamentals of Design
CC113 Perspective
CC114 Fundamentals of Media Communication
CC115 Color Theory for Multimedia & Web
CC120 Visual Indication
CC121 Theory & Development of Form
CC122 Introduction to Audio
CC130 Desktop Video
CC133 Digital Image Manipulation
CC210 Human Factors
CC222 Copyright Law
CC230 E-Commerce
CC310 Photography
CC321 Digital Audio
CC322 Copy & News Writing
CC420 Internship
CC420_A1.5 Internship
CC420_ADV Internship I
CC420_GD Internship I
CC420_MAA Internship
CC420_MAA11W Internship
CC420_PH Internship
CC420_WD Internship I
CC430 Internship II
CC430_GD Internship
CC430_WD Internship II
CC478 Special Projects
CC478_MAA Special Projects
CC479 Special Project II
CC479_MAA Special Project II
CC480 Special Projects III
CC480_MAA Special Projects III
CHM101 Chemistry
CHM1010 Introduction to Chemistry
CID900 Making the Move to InDesign
CIW900 Fundamentals of Designing for the Web
CIW920 Navigating the Site: Architecture
CIW940 Web Authoring
CIW960 Web Animations
CIW980 Final Project: Design a Web Site
CMA900 3ds max Modeling and Rendering 1
CMA920 3ds max Modeling and Rendering 2
CMA940 3ds max Animation 1
CMA960 3ds max Animation 2
CMA980 3ds max Character Animation
COM101 Speech
COM1010 Introduction to Communications
COM3010 Advanced Communications
CPDNSO New Student Orientation
CPU_SC_AI Computer Literacy Short Course
CPU101 Computer Literacy
CPU101_S Computer Literacy
CPU101C CPU101: Learning/Tutoring Center
CPUDPL_SC_AI Computer Literacy Short Course
CSS_SC_AI CSS Short Course
CU2124 Management and Supervision
CUL100 World of Culinary
CUL102 Sanitation & Safety
CUL103 Introduction to Culinary Skills
CUL105 Concepts & Theories of Culinary Techniques
CUL106 Fundamentals of Classical Techniques
CUL122 Management by Menu
CUL123 American Regional Cuisine
CUL135 Purchasing and Product Identification
CUL141 Latin American Cuisine
CUL142 Latin Cuisine
CUL202 Purchasing & Cost Control
CUL203 Introduction to Pastry Techniques and Artistry
CUL204 Planning and Cost Control
CUL206 Introduction to Baking Techniques & Artistry
CUL209 Sustainable Purchasing and Controlling Costs
CUL210 Management, Supervision, and Career Development
CUL212 Supervision
CUL222 Food & Beverage Operations Management
CUL223_11W Culinary Internship
CUL223A1.5 Culinary Internship
CUL225 Purchasing and Product Identification
CUL235 Purchasing and Product Identification
CUL236 Management by Menu
CUL242 World Cuisine
CUL300 A La Carte Kitchen
CUL304 Culinary Internship
CUL305 Hospitality Managerial Accounting
CUL311 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
CUL312 Global Management and Operations in the Hospitality Industry
CUL313 Facilities and Design
CUL315 Facilities Management and Design
CUL320 Culinary Arts Portfolio (AS)
CUL321 Management Tools and Techniques
CUL323 Hospitality Law
CUL325 Foodservice Technology Systems
CUL326 Legal Issues and Ethics in Hospitality Management
CUL327 Hospitality Information Systems
CUL401 Quick Service Food Operations
CUL402 Managerial Accounting
CUL403 Food Service Financial Management
CUL411 Event Management
CUL421 Leadership in the Foodservice Industry
CUL422 Portfolio CUL422
CUL423 Customer Service
CUL425 Leadership and Organizational Development
CUL427 Quality Service Management and Training
CUL431 Sales and Public Relations
CUL432 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
CUL433 Culinary Management Keystone
CUL435 Culinary Mgmt. Portfolio (BS)
CWD900 Introduction to Multimedia & Web Design
CWD920 User Interface Design
CWD940 Web Authoring Tools
CWD960 Interactive Design
CWD980 Final Project
D_LTC New Drawing Learning Center
DAD308NA Social Media Marketing
DD01 Computer Skills and Applications
DD03 Fundamentals of Digital Design
DD04 Computer Illustration
DD05 Digital Imaging
DD06 Electronic Type & Layout
DD07 Pre-Press, Production & Output
DD08 Computer Graphics & Imaging
DD09 Corporate Design
DD10 Portfolio Production
DD11 Digital Design
DD12 Online Publishing
DFV120 Video I
DFVA353 Compositing for Digital Film
DMM5000 Building and Leading Creative Teams
DMM5004 Building and Leading Creative Teams
DMM5050 Information Management & New Technologies in Design & Media Arts
DMM5054 Information Management & New Technologies in Design & Media Arts
DMM5100 Law, Policy & Ethics in Design & Media Arts
DMM5104 Law, Policy & Ethics in Design & Media Arts
DMM5150 Strategic Planning & Management in Creative Organizations
DMM5154 Strategic Planning and Management in Creative Organizations
DMM5200 Assessment and Analysis for Managers in Design & Media Arts
DMM5204 Assessment and Analysis for Managers in Design and Media Arts
DMM5250 Design & Media Arts Innovation: Marketing Planning and Strategy
DMM5254 Design & Media Arts Innovation: Marketing Planning and Strategy
DMM5300 Communication, Grant Writing & Management in Creative Organizations
DMM5350 Collaboration at a Distance
DMM5400 Creative Problem Solving
DMM5404 Creative Problem Solving
DMM5450 Entrepreneurship in Design
DMM5454 Entrepreneurship in Design
DMM5500 Entrepreneurship in Media Arts
DMM5504 Entrepreneurship in Media Arts
DMM5550 Project Management in Design & Media Arts
DMM5554 Project Management in Design & Media Arts
DMM5600 Managing New Technologies in Creative Organizations
DMM5604 Managing New Technologies in Creative Organizations
DMM5650 Planning, Producing & Promoting a Design Venture
DMM5654 Planning, Producing & Promoting a Design Venture
DMM5700 Planning, Producing & Promoting a Media Arts Venture
DMM5704 Planning, Producing & Promoting a Media Arts Venture
DMM6000 Capstone
DMP411 Video for Interactive Media
DMP412 Broadcast Graphics
DW_SC_AI Dreamweaver Workshop
E7465 Teaching in Higher Education
ECO101 Economics
ECO1010 Economics
ENG095 Transitional English (Reading and Writing Skills)
ENG101 Composition One
ENG101_W11 Composition and Language_11W
ENG1010 Composition and Language
ENG1010_P Composition and Language
ENG102 Composition and Language II
ENG102_W11 Composition and Language II_11W
ENG1020 Composition and Language II
ENG1020_P Composition and Language II
ENG150 World Literature
ENG151 American Literature
ENG2200 Advanced Composition
ENG2500 World Literature
ENG2510 American Literature
ENG3010 Creative Writing I -- Poetry
ENG3020 Creative Writing II – Fiction
ENG4010 Children’s Literature
ENG4020 Women’s Literature
ENG4030 Special Topics in Writing
ENG4040 Western & Non-Western Traditions
ENGLTC AIO English Learning / Tutor Center
ENT318NA Small Business Entrepreneurship
FADA103 Textile Fundamentals
FADA111 Survey of the Fashion Industry
FADA207 Early History of Fashion
FADA208 Trends & Forecasting
FADA217 Modern History of Fashion
FADA308 Fundamentals of Business
FADA312 Sourcing & Technical Design
FL_SC_AI Flash Workshop
FLH101 Flash Learning/Tutor Center
FMMA101 Introduction to Retailing
FMMA103 Survey of Manufacturing & Product Development
FMMA104 Sales Promotion
FMMA201 Merchandising Math
FMMA202 3D Visual Merchandising I
FMMA203 Event & Fashion Show Production
FMMA208 Finance Principles
FMMA211 Retail Buying
FMMA212 3D Visual Merchandising II
FMMA218 Human Resource Management
FMMA221 Merchandise Management
FMMA301 Elements of Retail Logistics & Distribution
FMMA302 Global Marketing
FMMA303 Apparel Fit & Construction Evaluation
FMMA308 Fashion Business Law
FMMA312 Fundamentals of Fashion Styling
FMMA406 Internship
FMMA408 Entrepreneurship
FMMA409 Portfolio I
FMMA419 Portfolio and Professional Development
FND110 Drawing
FND110_IDRP_LTC Drawing Learning / Tutor Center
FND110_RP_ID Drawing
FND111 Color Theory
FND111RP Color Theory RP
FND112 Fundamentals of Design
FND113 Perspective
FND114 Fundamentals of Media Communication
FND115 Color Theory for Web and Multimedia
FND120 Visual Indication
FND121 Theory and Development of Form
FND122 Drawing and Perspective
FND130 Desktop Video
FND131 Introduction to Audio
FND132 Fundamentals of the Internet
FND133 Digital Imaging for Multimedia and Web
FND134 Photography
FND135 Introduction to Web Design
FND150 Sales and Persuasive Techniques
FND151 Consumer Behavior
FND152 Fundamentals of Business
FND153 Fundamentals of Marketing
FND154 Fundamentals of Accounting
FND155 Fundamentals of Advertising
FND250 Intellectual Property Law
FND251 E-Commerce
FND252 Human Resource Management
FNDA105 Design Fundamentals
FNDA105_PIN Design Fundamentals
FNDA110 Observational Drawing
FNDA120 Perspective Drawing
FNDA135 Image Manipulation
FNDA150 Digital Color Theory
FPY649NA Mental Health Crisis Intervention
FRM110 Introduction to Retailing
FRM111 Fashion History I
FRM120 Fashion Drawing
FRM121 Fashion History II
FRM130 Retail Math
FRM210 Sales and Event Promotion
FRM211 Apparel Evaluation and Construction
FRM220 Elements of Retail Operations and Technology
FRM221 Brand Marketing
FRM222 Event and Fashion Show Production
FRM223 Visual Merchandising
FRM230 Merchandise Management
FRM232 Store Planning and Lease Management
FRM233 Business Ownership I
FRM310 Introduction to Manufacturing
FRM311 Business Law
FRM313 Business Ownership II
FRM320 Trends and Concepts in Apparel
FRM330 Product Development
FRM331 Current Designers
FRM331_P Current Designers
FRM334 Special Topics in Fashion and Retail Management
FRM335 Merchandising Menswear
FRM340 Merchandise Management
FRM410 International Marketing and Buying
FRM420 Fundamentals of Web
FRM425 Business Ownership I
FRM430 Business Ownership II
FRM431 Portfolio
FRM432 Web Marketing for Fashion and Retail Management
FRM439 Fashion and Retail Marketing Internship
FRM439_5W Fashion & Retail Marketing Internship
FRM439A1.5 Fashion & Retail Marketing Internship
FRM440 Case Studies in Fashion & Retail
FRMLTC FRM Learning/Tutor Center
FS101 Freshman Studies
G120 Life Drawing
G121 Concept Development
G130 Painting
G131 Typography
G132 History and Analysis of Design
G133 Digital Image Manipulation
G133_W11 Digital Image Manipulation
G135 Graphic Symbolism
G150 Introduction to Design Applications
G150_FMM Introduction to Design Applications
G150_ID Introduction to Design Applications
G150_WD Introduction to Design Applications
G150PH Introduction to Design Applications
G209 Concept and Copy
G210 Mixed Media
G211 Advanced Typography
G212 Electronic Design
G220 Illustration
G221 Production Procedures
G222 Media Graphics
G223 Digital Image Manipulation II
G224 Design Principles
G225 Design Marketing
G230 Digital Illustration
G231 Corporate Identity
G310 Dimensional Design
G311 Art Direction
G312 Design and Technology
G313 Portfolio
G313_AS Portfolio
G313_AS_11W Portfolio
G313_DP Portfolio
G313_DP_11W Portfolio
G320 Intermediate Illustration
G321 Design Team Production
G322 Foundations of Electronic Production
G330 Graphic Illustration
G331 Contemporary Typography
G332 Packaging Graphics
G333 Packaging Design
G350 Web Scripting
G410 Editorial Illustration
G411 Publication Design
G412 Advertising Design
G413 Interactive Portfolio Design
G417 Advanced Illustration
G420 Portfolio Preparation for Graphic Design
G421 Corporate Communications
G422 Communication Design
G427 Basic Web Animation
G430 Portfolio
G430_11W Portfolio
G431 Digital Illustration II
G432 Senior Project for Graphic Design G432
G435 Experimental Typography
G444 Interactive Portfolio Design
G444_P Interactive Portfolio Design
G450 Contemporary Design Issues—Sustainable Graphic Design
GA_LTC Game & Animation Scripting Learning/Tutor Center
GAD101 Introduction to Game Development
GAD115 Sculpture and Drawing for GAD
GAD116 Observational Drawing
GAD117 Life Drawing & Gesture for GAD
GAD121 Scriptwriting for Games and Multimedia
GAD131 Advanced Life Drawing
GAD132 2D Animation for Game Art
GAD136 Drawing and Anatomies for GAD
GAD211 Illustration for Game Art
GAD212 Digital Storytelling
GAD213 Game Production Pipeline
GAD215 Hard Surface & Organic Modeling
GAD216 Texture Mapping for Games
GAD217 3D Animation
GAD218 3D Material and Lighting Techniques
GAD219 Game Modeling
GAD220 Principles of 3D Modeling
GAD221 Digital Audio and Video
GAD222 3D Modeling/Animation II
GAD223 3D Modeling/Animation III
GAD226 Sound Design for Games
GAD231 Advanced Illustration for Game Art
GAD232 3D Character Animation for Game Art
GAD291 Storyboarding
GAD292 Background Design & Layout
GAD293 Sculptural Modeling
GAD311 Advanced 2D Animation for Game Art
GAD312 Game Design and Game Play
GAD313 Programming for GAD
GAD314 Advanced 2D Digital Authoring
GAD315 Advergames
GAD321 Mapping for Digital Media
GAD322 Project Management for Game Art
GAD323 Animation Layout and Scene Design
GAD324 3D Modeling/Anmation
GAD327 Character Modeling
GAD328 3D Scripting
GAD331 3D Camera and Lighting Techniques
GAD332 Interface Design
GAD333 Advanced Character Animation
GAD391 Game Testing
GAD392 3D Character Rigging
GAD393 Lighting & Texture
GAD394 Motion Capture
GAD395 Game Animation
GAD411 Designing Interior Spaces and Worlds
GAD412 Level Design
GAD412_11W Level Design
GAD413 Team Production I
GAD414 Advanced Game Prototyping
GAD415 Low Polygon Modeling and Animation
GAD416 Advanced Level Design
GAD417 Advanced Game Production Team
GAD418 Computer Simulations
GAD419 Advanced Edutainment Development
GAD421 Game Production Team
GAD421_11W Game Production Team – 11 week
GAD422 Portfolio Preparation for Game Art
GAD423 Virtual Reality
GAD431 Interactive Game Prototyping
GAD431_11W Interactive Game Prototyping
GAD432 Portfolio GAD432
GAD442 Character Animation for Games Portfolio
GAD443 Team Production II
GAD444 Team Production III
GAD452 3D Modeling for Games Portfolio
GADA101 Introduction to Game Development
GADA102 Interactive Storytelling
GADA202 Game Design & Game Play
GADA203 Texture Mapping for Games
GADA205 Concept Design & Illustration
GADA212 Level Design
GADA213 Game Modeling
GADA222 Advanced Level Design
GADA223 Advanced Hard Surface & Organic Modeling
GADA233 Material & Lighting for Games
GADA243 Programming for Artists
GADA253 Environmental Modeling
GADA302 Mobile and Social Games
GADA303 Game Prototyping
GADA312 Game Animation
GADA313 Advanced Game Prototyping
GADA314 Team Production Planning
GADA323 Team Production I
GADA403 Team Production II
GADA406 Internship
GADA409 Portfolio I
GADA419 Portfolio II
GD_PLC Graphic Design Portfolio Learning Center
GDE121 Conceptual Imagery
GDE404 Advanced Life Drawing
GDE405 Dynamic Figure Drawing
GDE406 Advanced Computer Graphics
GDE407 Airbrush Basics
GDE408 Airbrush Techniques
GDE409 Environmental Graphics
GDE411 Computer Painting and Design
GDE415 Humorous Illustration
GDE416 Information Graphics
GDE417 Advanced Illustration
GDE418 Fundamentals of Multimedia for Graphic Design
GDE419 Web Page Scripting
GDE420 Design Studio I
GDE421 Design Studio II
GDE435 Experimental Typography
GDE436 Digital Photography II
GDE437 Advertising Design II
GDE440 Web Animation II
GDE445 Dynamic Digital Illustration
GWDA101 Applications & Industry
GWDA101_FMM Applications & Industry
GWDA101_ID Applications & Industry
GWDA101_MAA Applications and Industry
GWDA101_WD Applications & Industry
GWDA102 Rapid Visualization
GWDA103 Digital Illustration
GWDA105 Concept Design
GWDA111 Introduction to Page Layout
GWDA112 Typography–Traditional
GWDA133 Fundamentals of Web Design
GWDA222 Intermediate Layout Design
GWDA305 Art Direction
GWDA308 Business of Graphic Design
GWDA382 Design for Mobile Devices
GWDA392 User Experience: Prototyping
HCA6302 Public Health Organization and Management
HIS101 U.S. History I
HIS1010 U.S. History I: First Contact to Reconstruction
HIS102 U. S. History II
HIS1020 U. S. History II: Reconstruction to the Present
HIS150 Western Civilization I
HIS151 Western Civilization II
HIS2010 History of the 1960s – America
HIS2500 Western Civilization I: Antiquity to the Renaissance
HIS2510 Western Civilization II: Early Modern Europe to the Present
HIS2520 US History Since 1945
HIS3010 Pittsburgh in History
HIS3020 Women in History
HIS3030 World War II Europe
HIS3040 History of Sports in American Society
HQS310NA Leading Healthcare Quality and Safety Initiatives
HRM110 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry and Industry Trends
HRM131 Introduction to Tourism Management
HRM132 Hotel Operations Management
HRM135 Introduction to Foods, Cooking and Preparation Techniques
HRM211 Hotel and Convention Management
HRM215 History and Study of Cuisines
HRM221 Hotel Front Office Mgmt and Housekeeping
HRM223 Recreation Facilities Management
HRM224 Global Tourism and the Hotel Resort Industry
HRM231 Introduction to Foods, Cooking, Production and Preparation Techniques
HRM232 Strategic Planning and Marketing
HRM306 Private Club Management and Operations
HRM307 Trends in the Hospitality Industry
HRM308 International Lodging and Development Management
HRM309 Resort Management
HRM311 History and Study of Cuisines
HRM312 Purchasing and Product Identification
HRM313 Hospitality Industry Financing
HRM314 Catering and Event Management
HRM321 Elements of Food Display, Plating and Buffet
HRM322 Hospitality Information Systems
HRM323 Hospitality Franchising, Licensing, and Distributorship
HRM324 Wine and Spirits Management
HRM331 Advanced Beverage Management, Oenology, and Viticulture
HRM333 International Traditions and Protocol
HRM350 Strategic Planning and Marketing
HRM380 Hospitality Study Abroad Special Projects
HRM411 Senior Living and Special Needs Facilities Management
HRM415 Institutional Operations
HRM421 Hospitality Internship
HRM422 Portfolio
HRM431 Casino Operations Management
HRM432 Etiquette for Today’s Professional
HRM435 Hospitality Portfolio
ID_RPLTC Technology Learning/ Tutor Center
ID_SC_AI InDesign Short Course
ID120 Basic Drafting
ID120_11W Basic Drafting
ID120_LTC Drafting and Drawing Learning/Tutor Center
ID120RP Basic Drafting
ID121 Basics of Interior Design
ID121RP Basics of Interior Design
ID124 Digital Visualization for Interior Design
ID124RP Digital Visualization for Interior Design
ID130 Textiles
ID130B Textiles
ID130BM Textiles
ID130RP Textiles
ID131 History of Furniture - Ancient Style to 1830
ID132 Advanced Drafting
ID133 Space Planning
ID133RP Space Planning
ID135 Programming & Space Planning I
ID135RP Programming & Space Planning I
ID210 History of Furniture - 1830 to Present
ID210RP History of Furniture – 1830 to Present
ID211 Lighting
ID212 Programming
ID213 Programming & Space Planning II
ID213RP Programming & Space Planning II
ID215 Human Factors
ID220 Residential Design - Kitchen and Bath
ID220RP Residential Design – Kitchen and Bath
ID221 Introduction to AutoCAD
ID221_11W Introduction to AutoCAD
ID221RP Introduction to AutoCAD
ID222 Interior Detailing
ID230 Office Design
ID231 Intermediate AutoCAD
ID232 Materials and Specifications
ID250 Residential Design Studio
ID250RP Residential Design Studio
ID251 Drafting Technology
ID270 Architectural Design Conceptualization
ID275 Sustainable Practices for Residential Design
ID276 Sustainable Building Principles and Practices
ID310 Traditional Design
ID311 Codes/Barrier-Free Design
ID312 Architectural Model Making
ID313 Computer 3D Architectural Model Making
ID320 Institutional Design
ID321 Residential Design - Contemporary / Eclectic
ID322 Architectural Detailing
ID323 Professional Practices
ID323RP Professional Practices
ID330 Environmental Design
ID331 Interior Architectural Systems
ID332 Interior Architecture / Working Drawings
ID340 Interior Architectural Systems and Detailing
ID350 Advanced Residential Design Studio
ID351 Mixed Medium Rendering
ID352 Digital Presentation Methods
ID353 Commercial Design Studio
ID354 Multicultural/Global Design
ID410 Advanced Delineation
ID420 Portfolio Preparation
ID421 Thesis Design
ID422 Graduate Project Pre-Design
ID430 Portfolio
ID431 Business Management
ID432 Thesis Development
ID436 Graduate Project Studio
ID440 Construction Documents
ID450 Advanced Commercial Design
ID451 Internship ID451 – 11 week
ID451_A1.5 Internship
ID460 Advanced Computer 3D Architectural Model Making
ID478 Special Topics: Interior Design
IDB232 Materials and Specifications
IDLCT InDesign Learning/Tutor Center
IL_SC_AI Illustrator Short Course
ILL101 Basic Illustrator Learning/Tutor Center
IMD120 Fundamentals of Multimedia
IMD121 Information Design
IMD121WD/MM121 Information Design
IMD122 Design & Typography
IMD122_11W Computer Animation for Multimedia & Web
IMD123 User-Centered Information Design
IMD130 Writing for Multimedia
IMD131 Screen Design and Graphics
IMD132 Fundamentals of the World Wide Web
IMD132WD Fundamentals of the World Wide Web
IMD211 Interactive Authoring I
IMD211_11W Interactive Authoring I – 11W
IMD212 Basic Web Scripting
IMD212_P Basic Web Scripting
IMD213 Project Management
IMD221 Interactive Authoring II
IMD221_11W Interactive Authoring II
IMD222 Computer Animation for Multimedia & Web
IMD222_11W Computer Animation for Multimedia & Web – 11W
IMD232 Interactive Authoring III
IMD232_11W Interactive Authoring III
IMD233 Web Site Development
IMD234 Computer-Based Training I
IMD241 Media Law and Ethics
IMD244 E-Learning I
IMD311 Sophomore Digital Portfolio
IMD311_11W Sophomore Digital Portfolio
IMD311_AS Sophomore Digital Portfolio
IMD311_BS Sophomore Digital Portfolio
IMD311_DP Sophomore Digital Portfolio
IMD312 Introduction to Programming
IMD312_11W Introduction to Programming
IMD313 Instructional Design Theory
IMD314 Video for Interactive Media
IMD315 Theory and Practice in Interactive System Design
IMD320 Prototyping for Interactive Media and Games
IMD321 Computer Based Training II
IMD322 Advanced Image Manipulation
IMD323 Database Systems
IMD324 Digital Photography for Interactive Media
IMD331 Web Site Development II
IMD332 Web Imaging Techniques
IMD344 E-Learning II
IMD401 Advanced Web Scripting
IMD402 Web Systems Management & Structures
IMD403 Database Programming
IMD404 Database Management
IMD405 NT System Administration
IMD406 Intranet/Internet Management
IMD407 Illustration for Multimedia & Web I
IMD408 Illustration for Multimedia & Web II
IMD411 Senior Research
IMD412 Interactive Telecommunications
IMD431 Senior Project
IMD432 Portfolio
IMD432_11W Portfolio
IND412 Furniture Design
INDT238 Ceramics I
INTA101 Architectural Drafting
INTA101RP Architectural Drafting
INTA102 Introduction to Interior Design
INTA102RP Introduction to Interior Design
INTA105 Sketching and Ideation
INTA107 History of Architecture, Interiors, and Furniture I
INTA111 Space Planning
INTA111RP Space Planning
INTA112 Design Basics 3D
INTA112RP Design Basics 3D
INTA122 Textiles
INTA122RP Textiles
INTA201 Materials & Specifications
INTA202 Presentation Techniques
INTA207 History of Architecture, Interiors & Furniture II
INTA207RP History of Architecture, Interiors & Furniture II
INTA211 Codes & Regulations
INTA212 Residential Design I
INTA212RP Residential Design I
INTA222 Human Factors
INTA232 Lighting
INTA242 Commercial Design I
INTA252 Interior Detailing
INTA262 Construction Documents I
INTA302 Residential Design II
INTA303 Digital Modeling I
INTA306 Professional Practice
INTA306RP Professional Practices
INTA312 Global Design
INTA313 Digital Modeling II
INTA322 Building & Mechanical Systems
INTA332 Environmental & Sustainable Design
INTA342 Commercial Design II
INTA352 Hospitality Design
INTA402 Senior Studio I
INTA406 Internship
INTA409 Portfolio
INTA412 Institutional Design
INTA422 Senior Studio II
INTA432 Construction Documents II
IS3391 Independent Studies I
IS3392 Independent Studies II
KB105 Basic Kitchen and Bath Drafting
KB110 Introduction to Kitchen and Bath Design
KB111 Design and Color Fundamentals
KB122 History of Kitchen and Bath
KB123 Building Systems and Codes for Kitchen and Bath
KB124 Kitchen and Bath Visual Presentation Techniques
KB134 Kitchen and Bath Construction Applications
KB135 Bath Design
KB136 Materials and Sources
KB222 Kitchen and Bath CADD
KB223 Advanced Kitchen and Bath Drafting
KB240 Kitchen Design
KB241 Lighting Design
KB242 Products and Appliances
KB252 Advanced Kitchen Design
KB253 Advanced Bath Design
KB254 Fundamentals of Marketing and Sales
KB261 Kitchen and Bath Design Studio
KB262 Kitchen & Bath Business Practices
KB370 Portfolio
KB371 Internship I
KB372 Internship II
LTC_ACC Accounting Learning Center
LTC_CPU101C CPU101: Learning/Tutoring Center
LTC_CUL_HRM Culinary Management/Hotel Restaurant Management learning/Tutor Center
LTC_GD Graphic Design Portfolio Learning Center
LTC_IMD Design and Portfolio Learning Center
LTC_NS_WD New Student Web Design Learning and Tutoring Center
LTC_SOSC Student Online Source Center SOS Center
LTC_SSMC Student-to-Student Mentoring Center
MAAA101 Language of Animation & Film
MAAA102 Life Drawing and Gesture
MAAA111 Animation Principles
MAAA112 Short Format Storytelling
MAAA122 Drawing and Anatomy
MAAA202 Character and Object Design
MAAA203 Audio & Editing
MAAA204 Acting & Movement for Animators
MAAA212 2D Animation
MAAA213 Principles of 3D Modeling
MAAA222 Storyboarding and Animatics
MAAA223 Hard Surface and Organic Modeling
MAAA223  Hard Surface & Organic Modeling
MAAA232 3D Animation
MAAA233 Motion Graphics
MAAA242 Character Modeling
MAAA243 Material and Lighting
MAAA252 Background Design and Layout
MAAA302 3D Character Animation
MAAA303 3D Character Rigging
MAAA309 Portfolio Pre-Production
MAAA312 Animation Studio
MAAA313 Advanced Lighting and Texturing
MAAA323 Emerging Technologies for Animation
MAAA333 Dynamics and Simulation
MAAA343 Preproduction Team
MAAA353 Technical Visualization
MAAA363 Advanced Illustration for Production
MAAA402 Special Topics
MAAA403 Production Team
MAAA406 Internship
MAAA409 Portfolio Production
MAAA419 Portfolio Presentation
Max_SC_AI 3ds Max Short Course
Maya_SC_AI Maya Short Course
MM121 Information Design
MM122 Screen Design and Graphics
MM130 Writing for Multimedia
MM131 Interactive Authoring I
MM132 Project Management
MM133 Design & Typography
MM210 Interactive Authoring II
MM220 Instructional Design Theory
MM221 Computer Animation for Multimedia & Web
MM222 Interactive Authoring III
MM231 Computer Based Training I
MM232 Advanced Image Manipulation
MM311 Sophomore Digital Portfolio
MM321 Intermediate Computer Based Training
MM324 Web Imaging Techniques
MM371 Illustration for Multimedia & Web I
MM372 Illustration for Multimedia & Web II
MM411 Senior Research
MM431 Senior Project
MM432 Portfolio
MMLTC Max / Maya Learning / Tutor Center
MPH201NA Digital Photography and Image Management
MPH201NA Digital Photography and Image Management
MTH099 Basic Mathematics
MTH100 Elementary Algebra
MTH101 College Math
MTH1010 College Math
MTH1010_11W College Math
MTH1010_L College Math
MTH102 College Math II
MTH2010 College Math II
MTH3010 Applied Trigonometry
MTH4010 Applied Calculus
MTH4100 Applied Statistics
MTHLTC Math Learning/Tutor Center
OHE_GenProject OHE_GenProject
PC_ENG095 Transitional English
PC_ENG1010 Composition and Language
PC_MTH099 Basic Math
PC_MTH100 Elementary Algebra
PC_MTH1010 College Math
PC_SS100 Strategies for Success
PH110 Photo History Survey
PH123 Principles of Digital Photography
PH124 Digital Image Management
PH125 Analog Principles
PH132 Large Format Photography
PH133 Introduction to Photojournalism
PH134 Digital Image Illustration
PH135 Photographic Design
PH136 Lighting
PH212 Studio Photography
PH213 News Photography
PH222 Portraiture
PH223 Magazine Photography
PH224 Advanced Studio Techniques
PH225 Color Management
PH226 Printing
PH227 Digital Darkroom
PH231 Editorial Photography
PH233 Portfolio Fundamentals
PH301 Business of Photography
PH309 Photo Criticism
PH310 Advertising Photography
PH312 Photography Portfolio
PH314 Nature Photography
PH320 Advertising Photography II
PH321 Documentary
PH323 Portraiture II